Ali Thompson 

Embodied Flow Teacher, Dancer, Meditative Movement


Ali is a dancer, yogi and embodied flow teacher with a background in art and travel.

Her facilitation seamlessly blends play, philosophy, and embodied practices to help people find a sense of liberation through free movement and creativity in the moment.

Her moving meditation is designed to help you drop deep into the layers of your body to trust your intuitive wisdom in how to move. This experience is creative, non-confronting and results in a deeper connection with your body, creating space from the mind. As a regular practise, mindful movement will become muscle memory in your body allowing you to find more joy and curiosity in your everyday movements and your practise giving you a stronger awareness of yourself in your environment.

SESSION 1: The space within - a moving meditation

This moving meditation will take you on a journey into your body, drawing on elements from dance and yogic practises. This is a space for you to feel safe to explore guided free movement from an inner awareness focus whilst accompanied by a deep journey soundtrack.

SESSION 2: Contact Improv 101


Contact Improvisation is a beautiful dance form that involves rolling on a point of contact, weight sharing, lifting, body awareness and connection. There are no set moves, each dance is different and unique to the individual players. It is likened to a form of language and in order to understand each other we must listen through our bodies.


This workshop will introduce you to the basics of Contact Improv and will give you tools to confidently connect outside a workshop environment, in and out of the dance. You will reclaim your capacity to move naturally with flow and freedom building a connection with yourself, others and surroundings.


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