Anirvan Deva 

Multicultural Vibes


Rooted in the richness of diverse musical traditions, Anirvan Deva’s multicultural sound shakes your body, expands your mind and awakens the Spirit within.  His music energetically charge the listener with irresistible frequencies that instill a sense of presence, connection and ecstasy.


Originally from Italy, Anirvan Deva moved to Auckland 9 years ago and plays in Conscious Festivals, alcohol/drugs/cruelty free events, Cacao Ceremonies, Ecstatic Dance parties in New Zealand and Europe.

Every Wed he is on Base FM (2-4PM) broadcasting "Beneath The Surface", the radio show that takes the listeners beyond the appearances of the 5 limited senses.


Stoked to be for 7th year at the NZIYF, Anirvan Deva will be offering: 

Session 1: Kiirtan Fusion


Mixing classic Kiirtan tunes from different wisdom traditions with various tonalities of electronics, deep bass and  percussion to shake your body, expand your mind and awaken the Spirit within.

Session 2:  Ecstatic Dance


Ecstatic Dance starts in a smooth and flowing manner for warming up and stretching, then it climbs into more percussive and rhythmic beats to evoke many different moods and modes of movement, allowing for a full spectrum of cathartic self-expression and emotional release.


Ecstatic Dance is an invigorating mind-body practice that helps your body to release tension and your mind to let go and reconnect with a higher sense of Being. 

Session 3: Chill-Out

Slow, deep, smooth multicultural sounds from all over the world to bring about peace and tranquillity to the mind and body. Music as tool for relaxing and honour the Divine within ourselves.


14 Mills Ln, Albany, Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Tel: 09-415 9468

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