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Arielle is passionate about living at this time on the planet and feel deeply the awakening and embodying of a new consciousness where we live together in peace and harmony with nature; in union with ourselves, each other, all living beings and Mother Earth. She is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer, a dedicated Mother of two and have been working with people and groups teaching classes, workshops and retreats since 1992. Her background is in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.Arielle is a IYTA registered teacher and over the years have studied with various internationally recognised teachers. She also works with the Sacred Cacao plant in a ceremony to enhance people`s experience of authentic love, their soul’s inner wisdom and their connection with all of life.

YOGA: The Yoga Arielle teaches is HeartBreath Yoga a heart centered Asana practice with a focus on breathing through ‘Anahata’ the spiritual heart centre. Included in every session is time for meditation and relaxation. The practice helps to bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life as well as stimulate and open inner awareness and deepen connection to soul and truth. Her background is in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.

CACAO CEREMONIES: Her journey with Cacao was restimulated in 2015, when the spirit of the sacred plant reminded me of her work here to assist bringing humanity back into the love of our hearts. She has helped awaken in Arielle the love in her own heart, her own connection to Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine. Arielle offers ceremonies which combine heart-centered connection to spirit, humanity, and all of life. Music, prayer, acknowledgment, healing and gratitude are all a part of these ceremonies. Cacao, the raw form of what we know as chocolate, has been used as a tool in ceremony for centuries, it has natural heart opening qualities, assists in ‘inner work’ and creative guidance. Cacao is a powerful healer and gateway opener and can assist us in connecting to ancient wisdom within us and in this Earth, it allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with all of life. It is, for her a great honour and with deep gratitude that she works with Cacao.

SACRED RELATIONSHIP: Arielle has been in a conscious loving relationship for the last 19 years with her Beloved Philippe. They are currently based in New Zealand, with their 2 beautiful sons. They travel as a family through the world offering our work on retreats and festivals. Their children are very much part of this adventure, learning and contributing in their own way.  Together they bring at least 40 years of experience working with people individually and in groups through Yoga, Meditation, Ceremony, Therapy and Healing.

Session 1:   Heart Breath Yoga

Join Arielle in this gentle Heartbreath Yoga class which will invite a deeper connection with your true self, as union between your breath and heart is stimulated. Body, mind, and soul will be nourished through asana, meditation and relaxation and will also support any positive changes you have been wanting to make in your life.

Session 2: Sacred Healing Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is a powerful medicine of our time, she assists in Healing and coming back to our Heart and the One Heart of All. She connects us to the innate wisdom we have within us and reminds us of our connection with ourselves, with each other and all of life. This Ceremony is facilitated by Arielle & Philippe Atman who bring their heart and soul to their ceremonies.  Cacao, the raw form of what we know as chocolate, has been used as a tool in ceremony for centuries. It has natural heart opening qualities, assists in ‘inner work’ and creative guidance. This allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with oneself, others, mother earth and all of life.

Session 3: Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) is a long, deep relaxation in which the subconscious mind remains awake. It has wonderful benefits for the body, mind and soul, connecting you in to your Self effortlessly. Accompanied by music and voice in this session you will journey into an open receptive relaxed state of being which can be healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This session will begin with some gentle stretching and end with a guided Meditation. You will get to experience the Yoga Nidra (state of deep relaxation) for about an hour.


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