Cameron Anderson & Constanza Causa 

Principles of Psychomagic; Warrior Spirit; Hape Medicine Circle; Mass Earth Meditation

New Zealand / Chile

Begin Within, founded by Psychologist and professional Magician Cameron Anderson and his partner Connie Causa, Andean Wisdom Keeper, Chakaruna and Adventure guide; has the mission to empower, inspire and guide people on the path of self healing and bring intention back to our daily life. Using modern and ancient practices Begin Within offers Rituals and Ceremonies, as well as movement and contemplative practices for a complete approach to our being and our relationship with everything and everyone.

Session 1:  Principles of Psychomagic, the meeting of Psychology & Shamanism (Connie & Cameron

A talk introducing the principles of Psychomagic, an integrative approach to personal empowerment using Modern Psychological techniques and Shamanic practices.

Session 2:  Warrior Spirit (Cameron Anderson)

Fundamentals of Shaolin Kung Fu & Qi Training, a combination of Internal and External practices to balance our bodies and minds.

Session 3:  Hape Medicine Circle (Co creation with musicians and medicine servers, lead by Connie

The Medicine of Hape (or Rapé), known also as "The Medicine of Silence" is a powerful ritual that focuses the mind and clears the energy field. This medicine is based on native Southamerican Tobacco, tree ashes, and medicinal plants.


This journey starts with an introduction to the medicine, some history and properties of this practice, co creation of a sacred safe space, in trust and surrender, held lovingly by those who have studied and experienced their own growth and transformation with rapé. The medicine is an opportunity for grounding, internal alignment, to centre ourselves in stillness and peace within high festival energy, supported by music and love from our family.

Session 4:  Mass Earth Meditation/ Prayer (30- 40 Minutes) (Co creation with musicians and presenters)

Starting with the power of breath, through a simple yet powerful pranayama exercise we will gather and ground into presence, opening our minds and hearts to remember our connection with Earth, the elements, and all living beings; as we cultivate energy and focus we will open the path of intention and prayer. Chanting a few rounds of OM we will give closure to this memorable meditation.


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