Chaitanya Deva 

Concept of Ego and skeleton

New Zealand

Chaitanya is the co-owner, founder and senior teacher at Kindred
Studio Nelson, where he teaches weekly classes, practices
therapeutic massage, and created and leads their Teacher Training programs. Specialising in applied anatomy (the anatomy of movement)myofascial release and articular mobilization as a bodyworker for the last 18 years, he brings a great passion and understanding of anatomy, skeletal variation and how the body works to his
classes, workshops and trainings. Combining this with thousands of hours of yoga teaching and study along with 25 years of intensive meditation practice with Enlightened Masters; Chaitanya has a broad and experiential knowledge base, which he loves to
share with humour and compassion on and off the mat addressing all aspects of our existence, body, mind and soul. 

Session 1: Ego-The Great Death for More Life!

Explore the concepts of the ego- What is it? How does it develop and what is its function?
Where is the line between self-care, the guiding voice of your true self and the deceptive mind masquerading as a spiritual ego? Discover what belief patterns you have chosen to take on to form your ego structure and sense of self and learn tools to break through to the impartial witness, true awareness and towards freedom in life. Using Buddhist Zen kohen’s we invite the unraveling process of the “Great Death” of the mind. 

Gain an understanding of the Mind and Ego. Learn why it's so hard to stop the Mind. Understand how meditation affects the Ego. Explore deep rooted personal core beliefs and learn practices/techniques that can be applied to any style of meditation and Yoga practice.

Session 2: Skeletal Variation

Come and learn about your unique & amazing skeleton. Explore its purpose and how its own individual shape and form reflect the possibility of doing, or not doing, different asana. What does “normal” mean in anatomical terms? In this clinic we will work in groups, exploring skeletal variation and its effects on the range of motion in joints. but primarily in the hips. This
will be a fun, hands on exploration of anatomy. Learn the 14 skeletal segments and distinguish the difference between tension and compression in the body. Improve your own internal perception of joints and bones, as well as your personal asana practice to maximise benefits and
reduce injury. Learn the difference between functional and aesthetic alignment.


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