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“The Breath” – Key to Evolution



Sannyasin Atmabhava came to yoga because of health reasons and the practical and scientific methods of the Anahata integral yoga style immediately made a strong impression on him. He spent 17 years living the yogic lifestyle and teaching yoga, meditation and chanting at Anahata Yoga Retreat and many years working in Wellington therapeutically in the prison and mental health sectors. He also travels and shares on a variety different topics in workshops and weekend retreats around New Zealand. Atmabhava is a living example of how health can be transformed through yoga and shares his interests in Yogic Lifestyle, Diet & Nutrition, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra & Kirtan. Also an experienced adventure guide with a background in ecology; he blends the techniques of yoga with the beauty of the outdoors to inspire connection with our internal nature.

Session 1: Ignite the Inner Fire –Digestive Health & Vitality

The digestive system is at the core of the body, the inner fire, which digests food and life experiences, as well as distributes nutrients and vitality. The solar plexus area is thought of as the centre of health, influencing all other body systems, which affect the mind and emotions. Modern research also links emotions, mind and the gut micro biome together. Gain insights on modern nutritional tools and experience simple yoga practices to support healthy eating, strong digestive powers and balanced body systems.

This workshop will touch on topics such as fermenting, green juices and other nutritional support for health digestion as well as stress and how it influences the digestive system and the importance of the relaxation response as well as the emerging research on links to emotions, mind and the gut micro biome together. Attendees will also take away simple practices that can support healthy digestion and better energy.

Session 2- “The Breath” – Key to Evolution

The Yogis say that the “quality of your breath reflects the quality of your life”. A fast breath equals a stressed mind, unfocused emotions and a sick body. A slow, deep breath equals a calm, balanced and focused mind, health & well-being. Explore the power of the breath.

Learn the simple science behind the breath and its connection to the physical, mental and energetic experiences. How the breath influences the nervous system, the difference between conscious and unconscious breathing, how to develop better breathing patterns, thus influencing the mental and physical health. Take away a practical technique to calm the mind, heal the body and energize your whole system.

Session 3: The Power of Sound and the Mantra Aums

This experiential workshop will combine an exploration of the voice as sound resonance and Nada (sound) Meditations from the Yogic tradition. Explore this practice using sound and awareness of the Chakra’s as well as the mantra AUM to heal emotional disharmony and rise up to new inner dimensions.


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