Coka Klug 

Re-Member, Me- Restorative Healing

Chile / New Zealand

Coka Klug was born in Chile and has travelled the world as a yoga instructor, designer, and artist. Mother of a beautiful girl called Mila, her hometown is a little surf beach in North Island, New Zealand. Her gifts, energy and experiences all over the globe have culminated in YogaTribe, a New Zealand based international supplier of sustainable, ethical Yoga products, services and workshops, especially their signature product, the most stunning 100% Organic Jute Eco Yoga Mat. 

Coka is excited to share her journey and provide tools for others to live with more peace and achieve a sense of balance and well-being in their daily lives, she will show you how to get access to that place by the choices we make and how those choices can also take you away from that sense of peace. Therefore there is something unique about Coka's sharing, her ultimate goal is to help you to understand that there is NOTHING OUTSIDE YOURSELF that will EVER have the POWER to ultimately HEAL YOU. The healing MUST come from your consciousness and your relationship and capacity to direct your thoughts, body and embrace the soul that coexist within you .


Coka will show you in a very simple language and sharing from real experiences how to take home with you, practical tools and BE YOUR OWN GURU from now on, with the capacity to take responsibility for what you have created as your reality and understanding that you have complete power to change whatever is that no longer serving you. 

Session 1 : Conscious parenting

Conscious parenting is a get together with members of our Tribe that are either going through the adventure of parenting or willing to learn more about this experience of speed growth. A simple and humble reminder about our mission as guidance of the little one in our life and some practical tools to help us navigate this path with integrity and pure love. After an interesting talk , the space will be open for discussion, questions and collaboration.

Session 2: Make it sacred

How can we quit our ancestors seeking, how can we quit our mind that never stops wandering from the businesses of our life? Something that it might help... To make our lives sacred... something to hold our life as an exquisite masterpiece. Join her in this beautiful presentation, followed by a meditation that will allow you to take home practical tools to remember what we have forgotten.


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