Cameron Anderson & Constanza Causa 

Warrior Spirit, Mass Earth Meditation, La Chakana Flow  -  Begin Within 

Chile / New Zealand

The art of remembering who you are and the truth of your purpose.
We work with logical and non logical methods to bring balance in all areas of your life, using Psychology & Shamanic practices, Adventure therapy, Movement and Ceremonies.

Our mission is to be a bridge between you and what makes you thrive, and for this great purpose we have developed a set of practical tools to navigate your own internal maps and find the root of what might be blocking you to reach your full potential, and therefore cultivate a deep sense of freedom, clarity, connection and inspiration for your unique path.


Session 1 : Warrior Spirit: Cultivating Yin/Yang energies

A combination of  Internal and External practices to balance our bodies and minds. The session will include Qigong, Yin & Hatha Yoga and Shaolin Kung Fu techniques, philosophy and meditations.

Session 2: Mass Earth Meditation

Starting with the power of breath, through a simple yet powerful pranayama excersise we will gather and ground into presence, opening our minds and hearts to remember our connection with Earth, the elements, and all living beings; as we cultivate energy and focus we will open the path of intention and prayer. Chanting a few rounds of OM we will give closure to this memorable meditation.

Session 3: La Chakana Flow

A vinyasa practice for everyBODY inspired by the Inka Medicinal Wheel, we will flow throuhg the elements, directions and spirit animals of this ancient symbol of the Inkas, known as Chakana.


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