Swami (Dada) Shuddhatmananda 

The new science of Bio-psychology” and

practical yogic guidance for different psycho-somatic diseases

India & New Zealand

Monk who teaches yoga and meditation for spiritual seek and psychic sick people here at Auckland university, Auckland City Hospital in Mental health center and our center at Grey Lynn.


Originally grown up in Eastern part of India and after graduation studied Yoga and meditation under an international socio-spiritual organization name Ananda Marga (The path of Bliss).


In this age we are advanced in technology, science, communication. 

But due to imbalance in our internal or personal progress, we are the victim of depression, anxiety, tension, stress etc...


Yoga is a technique to maintain a balance or harmony in between external world and internal world or personal life. If we get physical sickness or mental sickness we go to physician or psychiatry doctor. But if we are victim of emotional disease such as anger, vanity, cruelty, greediness. 


There are no other medicine except Yogic postures (Asanas) which help to balance the hormone in our biological system and control emotional expressions. But Asanas are just a part of Yoga and meditation is also part of yoga. Only trained people can teach and guide who have practical knowledge and experience.

Session 1 : The New Science of Bio-psychology and the role of Yoga

Our body is a Biological machine which is guided by Psychology or our thought (Mind). This class is : 

     - What is the relation in between Chakras (Plexi), Glands, hormones and emotions ? 

     - How to control the emotions through Yoga postures, proper food and exercises?

Session 2 : RAWA (Ananda Marga KIrtan)

  Babanam Kevalam Kiirtan On stage


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