Corin Storkey & Sally Huapaya 

The Maca Experts

New Zealand / Peru

Dr.Corin Storkey (New Zealand) and Sally Huapaya (Peru) are life partners who work in collaboration with a farming family in the Andes of Peru. Their farm to table model focuses on preserving the ancient cultivation techniques, the culture and history of Maca and connecting consumers directly to their farm, farmer, community and sacred spirit of the plant. They educate kiwis how to consume maca and how to use it to treat different health conditions based on scientific substantiation of traditional claims. They also run retreats and cultural exchanges to Peru to live with them on the farm and experience true Incan life during the annual Maca harvest. They recently won Organic Brand of the Year at the NZ Organic Week

Session 1 : The Incan knowledge and traditions

Come along a be guided through the ancient Incan traditions surrounding both Maca and cacao, the science behind how they work, how to tell their medicinal potential, and how to use them as medicine to heal your body and mind. Hosted by the Maca experts - Sally Huapaya (Peru) and Dr. Corin Storkey (NZ) – sharing ancient Incan knowledge and traditions.

Session 2: Medicinal Maca Masterclass – using maca to treat different health conditions 

Maca is a sacred medicinal root from the Andes of Peru that has been used to treat and manage different health conditions for centuries. In this workshop we will guide you through the ancient traditions of Maca from its preparation, producing its medicine and the use of its different colours and powders to treat and heal different conditions. 

Session 3: Managing mental health, stress and fatigue with maca and cannabinoids 


During this workshop we will take you through the complexities of how stress impacts on our body and brain. We will also be talking about the role of the endocannabinoid system in regulating and balancing our natural stress systems. How to activate our endocannabinoid system and the different ways we can treat chronic conditions using Maca and Cannabidiol - CBD. 

Session 4: Beating chronic fatigue and autoimmunity with integrative health

Come and learn about the latest research behind these complex health conditions and what you can do to prevent, manage and overcome fatigue. Presented by Dr. Corin Storkey – director of Seleno Health with over 8 years of clinic research experience, specializing in chronic inflammatory diseases and integrative holistic health.


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