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Meridian Yoga



In the year 2000, Crystal began her yoga journey. When she first started, her body was stiff, her muscles were weak, her hands were miles away from the floor in Uttanasana and her wrists and back ached. She knew there was something wrong with her practice. However, she didn’t give up. She kept practising and searching.

In 2012 Crystal met her spiritual mentor, Mr. Keshava Qiu Xian Feng, where she learned the following: Chakras, kundalini, mudra, pranayama, chanting, meridian and qigong. She also learned the five elements and spiritual transformation, yoga philosophy and Laozi Dao De Jing.

In 2013, Crystal met her asana mentor, Master Sudhakar. Crystal’s body started to evolve. At one point her body was extremely painful to the point where she nearly gave up. Master Sudhakar told her: “Crystal, your stiff body is a blessing, learn from it. This process will help your yoga teaching journey in the future.” After years of training and teaching, Crystal deeply believes that “yoga is not only a body exercise but also a lifestyle. A journey to bliss.”


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Session 1:  Meridian Yoga I: the five elements (English class)

The blockage of Meridians not only affect your health, but also your mind. Join Crystal to understand yin yang and the five elements. Dredge meridians through yoga. Feel the liberation and evolution of our body and mind.

Session 2: Meridian yoga II (English class)

Stagnation of QI and blood bring about pain.  Pain is relieved with improve circulation of meridians. Come and join crystal to understand meridians and dredge meridians through yoga postures and Qigong Massage.  


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