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Will has been a healer for nineteen years, working closely with his spiritual guides and higher self. He offers Intuitive Energy Healing, Pleiadian Lightwork, Past Life Healing and Sound Healing. He runs Shamanic Healing Sound Journeys for individuals and groups, taking people on deep meditations with his voice, a gong, crystal and Tibetan bowls and shamanic drumming, weaving his healing energy into the sacred sound vibrations.

Claire-Jeanne (BA Hons, Post Grad Dip Counseling) is a Holistic Counsellor, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Intuitive trained  in Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval. Her healing sessions combine Shamanic Techniques with Angelic Energy Healing, and Intuitive Messages and Guidance. She works with her Guides and Spirit to release blockages, alleviate pain, restore energy flow and balance, thus allowing people take ownership of their own healing. She loves helping people unlock their intuitive power and connect to their own personal guidance network. Together with Will, she runs spiritual and self-development classes.

Will and Claire-Jeanne work both nationally and internationally.

Session 1: Shamanic Healing Sound Journey

An internal meditative journey guided the soundscapes of a Gong, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, Shaman drums, voice and more. A deeply relaxing, uplifting and healing experience.

Session 2: Chakra Sound Meditation

A guided meditation through the 7 Chakras supported by the sounds of Tibetan and crystal bowls. An opportunity to feel, connect and heal our energy centers.


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