Elisabeth Denis & Michael Winkler 

Acro Yoga


Elisabeth and Micheal are teaching acro yoga which explores communication, trust and balance. All things that we can relate to in our day to day life. You will get the chance to experience being the base, flyer and spotter. Elisabeth is a Canadian who started her yogi journey on the beautiful coast of Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica. Since then, she taught in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Canada and New-Zealand. Her core mission is to play and light up that youth light that is hidden within others. Michael has joint her practice for 2 years now.

SESSION 1: Acro yoga beginners

Starting with partner breathing technique, acknowledging each other. Then we go on with partner stretching and intro about the core of what Acro Yoga is. We will teach you the 3 positions: flyer, base and spotter. We’ll dive into how related communication, balance and trust is to acro yoga.

SESSION 2: Acro yoga beginners

Starting with partners stretching. Then explaining what the root of Acro Yoga is. Explaining the different roles : flyer, base, spotter. 
Then we go and have fun playing! At the end we will do a communication exercise and a closing circle.


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