Hannah Crerar 

Astro Yin + Nidra; Chakras

New Zealand

Hannah is passionate about the body-mind-soul connection. She offers a modern approach to self discovery and loves to share the convergence between spirituality and science. She has a background in Law and Commerce but her interest in holistic wellness inspired her to leave her corporate role to pursue yoga teaching and Psychology studies. Hannah’s strong spiritual practice is complemented by a solid understanding of the science behind why it all works. Self-love begins with self-awareness and Hannah is on a mission to bring a greater sense of awareness to as many people as possible. 

Session 1 : CHAKRAS - Get to know your Energy Body

The what, the why and the where… The Chakra system places a yogic lens on human psychology and biology. In this workshop there will be discussion, spinal free-ing yoga flow, pranayama, mantra and a meditation that can be used daily.

Session 2: ASTRO YIN + NIDRA 

A practice that is attuned to the cosmic weather. Let the physical body unwind in a 50 minute Yin experience followed by a blissful 40 minute Yoga Nidra experience. You will travel into the deeper layers of your consciousness to unbind and unwind energetically. The whole practice will be aligned to the current astrological themes.


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