Hari Bans Angell Kaur and Arvinderfee Blankley 

Shakti Dance

New Zealand / United Kingdom (UK)

Shakti dance combines flowing asanas, aerobic movement, free dance, relaxation and always ends with a celestial communication or a mantric choreography (moving meditation).

Hari Bans Angell Kaur trained in Kundalini yoga in 2008 and was then drawn to Shakti Dance in 2009. She loves the way Shakti Dance gently releases locked tension and finds it a very relaxing yet energizing practice. 

Arvinderfee originally from the UK has been practising and teaching in various styles, since the early-2000s. She teaches and runs Albany Yoga Room in Auckland. She is grateful to her teachers and students who inspire her. Her teaching is aimed at unlocking both your range of movement and your peace of mind. Passionate about the use of rhythm as a way of finding joy and inner calm she looks forward to sharing Shakti Dance with you.

Shakti dance is a complete practice which uses the pranic force, the maha shakti to open up energy channels, relieving the body of tension so that its true nature can be expressed more authentically.  It expands consciousness, brings us to a meditative state and allows us to feel into the subtle flows of energy within. 

Session 1: Connect with you Inner God or Goddess with Hari Bans

Using narrative, we will prepare ourselves to meet Krishna, to merge with the infinite and our beloved.  In becoming one with all that is, the divine begins to flow through us and we dance the dance of our deepest essence.  Vibrating with the cosmos. 

Session 2: Exploring movement, to enhance your inner bliss

Being fully alive and in the moment. Using beautiful melodies and great sounds, this workshop will provide you with the tools to find your bliss, taking you through phases of Shakti flowing asana (stretches), standing sequences, free dancing and then the enquiry into mantra (repasted sounds) creating a focus for stillness and meditation as a way of inviting more presence.


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