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Our body holds onto grief, pain & woundings from many different sources, including trauma from our ancestors & past lives.   
Tribal Medicine & Tribal Rites of Passage cut straight to the core of these woundings, therefore, anyone looking for a Tribal Medicine practitioner will want to be absolutely certain that every aspect of their Tribal healing experience is nurturing, honouring, respectful & safe.   
You will want full confidence that you can entrust your practitioner with your mind, body, heart and spirit.  You want to know that your journey is going to be empowering, strengthening and enlightening.  You also want to be sure that the healing you receive is complimentary to your needs, to your lifestyle & to your highest intentions & life purpose. 
Working with Hinekaiteurutaiaho from Ora Tribal Medicine will take you on a deep journey of connection, discovery & transformation.  All of the services which Hinekaiteurutaiaho provides are offered with the deepest of respect.  Respect for your past.  Respect for your present.  Respect for your future.  And respect for your future generations still to come. 
Hinekaiteurutaiaho is steeped in her Māori heritage.  A deep & ancient heritage which is unique to the land, to the history, and to the life force of Aotearoa.  She integrates skill, training, wisdom, intuition and an enlightened understanding about ancient Tribal Medicines which not only heal, but also generate new life & new pathways forward.  Not only for Māori, & other indigenous people, but for ALL people.

In these 3 Tribal Medicine Workshops we travel together in Sacred Ceremony, in Sacred Circle, to explore & connect with the deeply ancient wisdom of various Atua & Ancestors of Aotearoa.  AIO 

Session 1:  Māreikura Māori Divine Feminine Ancestral Wisdoms

In this Sacred Sisterhood workshop we come together in Sacred Circle to connect with the Primordial Mother through the energies of our great earth mother Papatūānuku, our ancestral mothers, grandmothers & great grandmothers.   
Through the mana of various Māreikura Māori from this Sacred Land of Aotearoa, we open the gateway to our WhareTangata, our Sacred Wombspace & birthplace of all of mankind.   
As we travel together in Sacred Ceremony, we go deeply primal, rebirth, & rise up out of the ashes like the powerful & majestic Māreikura that we are. 
If you are ready to go on a deeply powerful Medicine Journey of healing & transformation to connect with your Divine Feminine ancestry all the way as far back as the beginning of creation, this workshop may be of interest to you. 

Session 2:  Ancestral Rākau Wisdoms of Tāne Mahuta

For this workshop we venture out into Te Wao Nui A Tāne (the great sacred forest of Tāne Mahuta) to connect with two Atua Māori: Rongomātāne & Tūmatauenga, to start learning about the art of Rautaki (conflict resolution & strategic intelligence).   
The intention is to awaken the powerful Sacred Rainbow Warrior energy within, & to learn how to link in energetically with the collective so that we can become strong, wise, anchored Pou who hold space for healing, growth & transformation.  Not just for ourselves & our families, but for the whole of humanity. 
Let us all join together, both tāne & wāhine as divine masculines & divine feminines so we can journey forward united together as one collective light force. 
He whānau kotahi tātou.  Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora!

Session 3:  Māreikura Māori Divine Feminine Sacred Sexuality Wisdoms

In this 2nd Sacred Sisterhood workshop we come together in Sacred Circle to connect our Primal Sexual energy through the Primordial Mother. 
We go deeper into the wisdom of our WhareTangata, & through the power of the collective sisterhood, we explore, cultivate & develop a template for healing, purification & removing negative sexual imprints which stop us from claiming full Sovereignty over our sacred sexuality & Divine Feminine Empowerment. 

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