Juan David Diaz 

Omniscient Flow


Since an early age, Juan Diaz has had a deep curiosity for ancient techniques that help to gain a deeper understanding of existence and the self. He found yoga and felt the depth of this path, realising that through movement (asana), breath awareness (pranayama) and meditation, he would be guided further into this exploration of the self and reality.

He has been practicing and studying for more than 10 years by the guidance of great masters and teachers from this times. Such as Maty Ezraty, Simon Park and senior Iyengar teachers like Arunji , Mataji, Monica Harr , Carrie Owerko and the Iyengar family at the Iyengar Yoga institut in Pune.

Juan has been teaching and assisting in teacher training around the world in the last year and this will be the last event before he departs in to a world tour sharing his teaching and understandings of Yoga. He is constantly developing his intuitive, fun and strong self-practices. Juan weaves in his teachings, ancient and modern philosophy to create a space of connections within the body, mind and soul. Juan’s style of teaching is dynamic, challenging and fun. He emphasises proper alignment by guiding you to a safe space for your body to express its own unique way of embodying the posture (asana). You will be flowing through postures, integrating your breath with movement and helping the mind to reach stillness, so you can go deeper into the practice. Juan ends his classes through a guided meditation and relaxation, accompanied by the sound of his flutes or voice, making the class a holistic experience for your entire being.



Session 1: Omniscient Flow

Connect to the Essence of the Self through an explorative alignment base Vinyasa Flow Practice where will be using our Body, Breath and Senses as the Portal to the Infinite within us. We will embodying standing and seated asanas, hip openers, backbends and arm balances in a safe approachable way for all levels. Finishing with a guided Meditation and Sound Journey into a blissful Savasana.

Session2: Cosmic Dance with Lara Schaeffer

Session 3  : Humble Warrior Yoga Class

Buster Caitcheon, Taane Mete and Juan Diaz come together to celebrate the medicine of Kia Nga Wari / Humble Warrior Yoga Class.


Experience the magic of brothers who radiate space with Aroha, Wairua and ceremony.

Join this one off class and enrich your festival from 3 of New Zealand’s respected yoga teachers. Each bring a song of music, strength and grace interwoven with Yoga. 


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