Juliette McConachy 

Embodied Flow Instructor; Psychosomatic Therapist; Yoga Teacher Trainer

Australia / New Zealand

Juliette McConachy is a certified Embodied Flow™ facilitator and teacher trainer. She is the founding director of Awakening Arts - School of yoga and somatic therapies.

Juliette teaches embodied liberation through yoga, somatic coaching, meditation, free-form movement, deep ecology, dance and body-work.
She is a poet, a devotee to the mystery, a trickster and humble hearted conglomeration of beauty and clumsy innocence just like the rest of us. 
You can find Juliette in Golden Bay offering classes, retreats and Yoga teacher trainings or connect with her for mentoring and talk therapy.

Session 1 : Pathways of support and belonging.

Through the innermost architecture of our bones an ache to remember our belonging resounds. The timbre in our deep tempo pulses a request to know safety, to be held, supported and met. 

It is in these inmost structures that we also find a living elixir of the felt recollection that we are the very support and belonging we yearn toward. Come to know your bones as the family tree that maps you back to the sea, and find your belonging weaving you into the intricate web of all life.

By resourcing the intelligent frame work of our bones, not as ridged scaffolding but as the living - listening - liquid life they are, we are able to find greater stability and ease in our movements. Support proceeds all movement and freedom. 

Come explore your intrinsic containment and liberation through Embodied Flow™ asana and free-style meditative movement.

Session 2: Living the conversation of hope and courage 

The conversation of hope and courage is as intimate as the tidal pulse of breath that wraps our rhythmic hearts. In this workshop we explore the felt relationship between our lungs and our hearts as access point to our deep care and to the lift that keeps us buoyant amidst heartbreak and challenge. Utilising somatic explorations that flow into and out of asana we take the opportunity to know ourselves from the inside out, moving from and in relationship with impetus of the organs. Bring your curiosity.


This workshop is open to all levels of experience though some previous asana practice is recommended.


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