Lara Schaeffer 

Cosmic Dance


Lara finished her Bachelor and Master degrees in Fine Arts and Biology in Cologne, Germany with the intention to merge her passion about Nature and intuitive expression in Artworks. Besides she studied languages to deepen her interest in Cultures all over the World. Lara started her journey around Mother Earth in 2018 in Argentina taught in schools, painted and shared her gift of Joy, Light and Love for all Creation.

Her path continued in New Zealand where she realized how to share her Purpose in Life: Healing Massages – Gearing individuals up to empower themselves finding their truth within. Collages & Paintings – Draw her Inside World to the Outside, living infinite Creativity. Yin Yoga Journeys – Exploring the Wisdom of our Souls while going inwards with slow and grounding movements to discover inner landscapes and horizons of our Being.

Before discovering the Energetic impacts of Yoga, she was a professional figure skater for 11 years.

In June 2019 she completed a 100hr Yin-YTT with Nik Robson, where she explored the depth of her inner landscapes.

Meanwhile she experienced what it means to slow down and to connect with the Core of her Being. Since then she has developed her love to open and hold space for other Souls to find Inner Peace to remember their Purpose in Life. Combining Philosophy, Love, Creativity, Intuition and Ceremony to create a guarded, miraculous journey with all her heart for You.

For Lara Yin Yoga is an excellent complement for active people in every age looking to open their bodies safely and find inner stillness.

The long hold poses are designed to improve the flow of prana, qi, the subtle energy, or life force. Let yourself be hold and guided threw a journey of deep releases, unexpectedly energizing and soothing effects on your own path.

An opportunity to slow down and reflect on your current state of being.

A space to tune in to your needs, let go of what does not serve, and create a more comfortable home for your SOUL

Session 1: Cosmic Dance

Vinyasa dances into Yin Yoga shapes. A Dance of Creation - where the Masculine and the Feminine merge into Oneness. The Dance of Energies – The Yang and the Yin - balanced in Harmony. Dance. Dance the Flow of the Infinite. From a Yang masculine guided, nurturing and vitalising Vinyasa Flow into a feminine grounding and healing Yin Yoga voyage. Embody purposefully selected sequences of human movement. Juan and Lara are holding the Space for You to release Energy and dance the Infinite inside You. A symphony to guide You to your own unique path towards the Cosmic Dance.


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