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Kundalini Yoga

RAMADASA International Programs for Human Excellence 
Harjinder and Gopalpreet are part of a team of Kundalini Yoga Trainers offering teacher trainings in Australia and New Zealand, and very passionate about sharing the teachings in a practical way to facilitate integrating the practice as support into your daily life. 

Session 1: Mastery and Mystery

“The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is transformation.” –Yogi Bhajan
You need a habit to relate to your mind. The focus is to sit with our mind and review it, polish it, and direct it. So we can establish a supportive habit to relate to our own mind.
Giving room to understand where your attachments and fears limit you. Observing where you take away your potential of what is possible. 
Explore your points of inspiration and meaning that support yourself in being able to sustain a consistent attitude to uphold a daily practice to train your mind. The best approach is to apply the mind.
If your mind is with you, it acts as your leverage, it is your powerful friend.
Then we can touch the preciousness of life and experience it’s  mystery. 

Session 2: Experience your Stillness 

When our subconscious agenda is motivating our behaviour there is no space for compassion or empathy. Do you have awareness of when your behaviour is compulsive? Usually we don’t. Anxiety underlies our actions as our subconscious agenda guides us. But the Human Consciousness is able go to Zero Point or Shuniya where we can contain ourselves. 
When we develop this consciousness we are able to merge with the whole. The ego is brought to complete stillness. There is no need to try to act. Rather infinity acts for us. Experience this state of Shuniya and in the depth of this stillness allow compassion to be your motivation.

Session 3: Know your first step - Connect to the flow

If hesitation equals pain then commitment equals potential.   
The intention for this time together is for you to gain clarity on what your access point is into your very own strength, courage and commitment. 
To acknowledge when in your life were you not able to apply yourself or what habits and patterns run you that are now no longer serving you. Learn to become sensitive for when we hesitate, procrastinate and drop out of the alignment of divine flow and guidance. With an empowered third chakra, we take responsibility for and have faith in our own actions and path. 
This will be an interactive and heartfelt workshop to give space for true meaningful change in your life.

Session 4: Creating abundantly

Prepare for a very energetic class to activate the positive mind and extend your projection with the meditation for prosperity. Engaging the positive mind allows one to see and perceive the opportunities of each situation. 
Commit to living the best version of you.



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