Sannyasi Pragyadhara 


Yoga and Sound Healing

New Zealand

Sannyasi Pragyadhara is a yoga practitioner who has steeped herself in the rigorous and traditional yogic training of the ancient Gurukul system. Application and expression of this embodied wisdom includes both academic settings and the wider community. As a program leader she has developed yoga curriculum for 200 hrs and advanced yoga modules. Her specialist modalities include; Vedic havan, mantra, advanced Hatha practices, Tantric-based meditation, yoga philosophy and lifestyle applications, adapting practices to specific populations. She mentors teaching faculty and teacher trainees, teaches privately, as well as being a travelling teacher.

Session 1: Sacred Sounds - Sound Healing and Meditation


Discover your voice, explore sound and resonance, chant mantras to activate healing and expand effortlessly into meditation.

Session 2: Sacred Surya - Mantra Infused Yoga Class

Chant and deepen practice through incorporating Sanskrit mantras. Embody the true essence of yoga as a sacred technology to enhance pranic awareness and to remove blockages on the path. Take a journey through the chakras, tapping archetypal forces to awaken to the subtle self.

Session 3: Yoga Nidra – Awaken to your Sankalpa – Life Purpose

Discover your sankalpa – and connect with your life purpose. Explore and experience how this specific stage of Yoga nidra helps to align you with your true purpose in life. Manifest a personal vision. Navigate your life with intention and purpose. Walk the spiritual path. Inspirational take-aways and yoga nidra events and teachers training info.

Session 4: Havan – Fire of Transformation

Health, healing and transformation - Sanskrit mantras are used for their potency to create a portal through which one can connect with the subtle forces of nature. Utilizing the power of mantra, our intention and pure offerings, we will join just like the Rishi’s and spiritual seekers before us did.


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