Didgeridoo Sound Journey

New Zealand

Sika – musician, artist and a pioneer of Sound Journeys.

His work reflects a lifetime of listening to the rhythms of nature. Based in New Zealand, Sika puts on Sound Journeys internationally and has toured NZ and the UK every year since 1993. He regularly plays at a range of festivals and events ranging from ‘The World Yoga Festival’ to Stonehenge. His Sound Journeys are now a main stage experience with hundreds of participants lying down in Savasana.


Sika's enthusiasm reveals his deep gratitude for the journey his instruments and spirit have taken him on. The ceremonies and friendship with indigenous elders of North America, Aboriginal Australia and Maori New Zealand, provide a strong endorsement and today besides being an internationally respected musician, Sika is considered a wisdom keeper.

Session 1: Didgeridoo Sound Journey

Dream and vision together, to the extraordinary sounds played by Sika, in a timeless journey.

Lie down in Savasana and absorb the sound.

Drop into a deeply surrendered and relaxed state of being.

Take time to listen to your feelings and needs. In a gentle and loving way, experience shifts that arise from the Sound Journey.

Sika will play intuitively, sensing into the energy of the moment to bring us a one-off, spontaneous, expression of sound. This powerful, shamanic/yogic exploration uses natural instruments from his lifetime collection, which includes: Didjeridoo, drums, native flutes, Māori Taonga Puoro and treasures gathered from the earth.

Sika’s voice and the emphasis of his rhythmic breath, also play a vital role in this profoundly deep experience.


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