Tarisha Tourok 

Relationship Coaching

New Zealand

I’m a relationship coach, trained in emotionally focused couples therapy and Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy, currently doing Masters of Psychotherapy at AUT. I’m a certified Feminine Power coach and facilitator, biodynamic breathwork practitioner and a certified health coach.


I help couples to resolve arguments and deepen their love, as well as I help women to heal their relationship with their body and sexuality to create deeper intimacy and connection.

Session 1: Radiant Woman: Heal Your Relationship with Your Body and Sexuality

Join Tarisha to learn how to master the relationship with your body by silencing your inner body-shaming critic, connecting to your radiant feminine essence and activating the power of your sexuality. Learn specific steps you need to take to create deep connection with your body and feel radiant from the inside out. When you are friends with your body, your body will cooperate and respond, you’ll be partners on the journey to a healthier and more radiant YOU.

Session 2: Yoga of Relationships

In this workshop you will discover the essential keys to enjoying deep intimate connection with your partner, resolving arguments, and feeling understood and loved. You will learn how to sustain your love and create flow in your communication.

Session 3: Tantric Breath

Learn how to create deeper connection with your partner through a breathing practice and awakening your sensitivity. This is a fully clothed session with no touch. You are welcome to come by yourself or with your partner. We will be practicing in pairs.

Session 4: Awakening Breath for Women

Find your flow, awaken the power of your feminine energy and heal your relationship with your body through breathwork. Connect with your womb, let go of stress and any trauma your body might hold.


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New Zealand

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