Tess Rushton 

 Ashtanga and Yin 

New Zealand/Netherlands

Yoga came to Tess age 23 whilst studying for her degree in The Netherlands. Tess liked how yoga challenged her body but relaxed her mind, a welcome break from the text books. As a keen runner and cyclist Tess also found that yoga could supplement and support her active lifestyle. Tess continued to maintain a regular practice whilst in The Netherlands and carried on with this whilst living in London and Bristol. Whilst in Bristol Tess developed a regular Ashtanga practice, enjoying the rhythmic sequencing of the primary series, complemented by slower and deeper practices of Yin. In 2018 Tess decided to train with Melanie Cooper at the Bristol School of Yoga specialising in Ashtanga and Yin. Over 9 months Tess became immersed in the ‘treasure trove’ that is yoga, studying meditation, pranayama, anatomy, history and philosophy. Tess is keen to ensure that yoga is an accessible practice for all bodies and minds alike

Session 1 : Ashtanga Pranayama Flow

We will work through most of the primary series of Ashtanga and focus in on two pranayama exercises. This will allow you to see the fullness of each asana as the practice unfolds. Tess hopes to inspire you to see beyond the physical aspects of the yoga postures and allow you to experience the fluid nature of breath and prana that will flow through your ashtanga sequence.  

Session 2: Yin Flow journey

Flow through this Yin journey with gentle but uplifting poses and transitions. Tess will focus this session on blending Yin poses together, finding your own fluidity, noticing what shapes the body draws you toward, allowing you to recognise your own unique ‘yin flow.’ 

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