Vasumi Zjikaa 

Time Waves - Mayan Dreamspell & Soul Astrology

New Zealand

From a lifetime of walking the path less traveled, Vasumi has deep experiential understanding of the awakening process. Revelations received through diligently exploring the real and unreal, the earth and the cosmos, have enabled her to embrace a totally new paradigm, having its roots in the harmonic web of all of life. Her experiences with the Mayan Dreamspell and its 1320 Tzolkin, have revealed this matrix as the basis for living the harmonic synchronicity of Natural Time. Time devoted to living a life of Natural Magic. It is her passion to share this Yogic Mastery with you… the Yoga of Time!

Session 1:  Fractal Archetypes of Synchronicity 

Be led into a world of magic, that reveals the order of synchronicity, explore your place in the FRACTAL MAGIC OF TIME through exploring the archetype/light pulse of the day you were born. The Mayan Dreamspell holds keys that open the door to the culture of peace, revealed through deep comprehension of the codes of consciousness.

Session 2:  52-Year Sirian Cycle – how that affects you personally

Dive deeper into the Codes of Synchronicity, learn of the fractal nature and 52-year cycle that you inhabit with your Earth Family, the foundation of the Native American Medicine Wheel as revealed in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. Revealing the hidden gifts you have to share.

Session 3:  Cosmic Nature of 13

Explore the COSMIC NATURE OF 13, and how each 13-day cycles through the Spiritual, Physical, Sense and Mind planes and how you can track these cycles to be in SYNC!


Bring all your questions of spirit, and your place in his vast universe and let us put them to the sacred wheel of the Mayan Tzolkin. Participatory, exciting and awakening – let us see where we travel together. A culmination of the exploration into the Mayan Dreamspell over this weekend


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