Ven. Gyalten Sengye (Zac)

Buddhist Meditation and Teaching of the Self

New Zealand

Venerable Gyalten Sengye (Zac) is a Tibetan Buddhist Monk, of the Gelugpa Lineage, founder and resident teacher of Awakening Vajra NZ – Center for Awareness here at Kawai Purapura, and part of a global network of centers that preserves the ancient Buddhist Teachings of the Nalanda Spiritual University of India (500 to 1200CE). He is particularly interested in all areas of eastern philosophies, and in the correlation between science, neuroscience, physics and spirituality. Sengye teaches Buddhist Philosophy, Meditation to help facilitate, and to open our hearts to love, compassion and wisdom. His style of teaching imparts practical & logical tools that help us awaken own innate nature, and facilitate growth and connection on all levels. Both Individually and collectively. He is especially interested in bringing down the boundaries between different traditions, opening dialogue, and raising awareness to mediation and mindfulness through all of society.   

Session 1 : Shamata (Breath Meditation) – Instruction & Practice

This ancient, yet profoundly simple mediation helps to stabilize the mind, calm he nervous system, and to reduce anxiety. This practice also helps develop skills to be more focused and attentive in our lives. Open to all.

Session 2: Letting go of the Self – What is Emptiness of Self

In this talk, and interactive session you will learn about the many layers of the ego, and consciousness and how this leads to misconceptions and creates obstacles to us realizing our full potential. Includes a guided meditation practice, and time for questions.

Session 3: Morning Mindfulness Practice – The 4 Mindfulness Practices


In this morning session you will learn and practice the 4 Applications of Mindfulness. These 4 practices, dating over 2500 years ago are the foundations of all authentic modern mindfulness courses, and Vipassana Meditation practice. All help to facilitate awareness on all levels. A short discourse will be followed by the practices themselves.

Session 4: Guru Yoga – The Union of Bliss & Emptiness

In this rare workshop you will learn about the ultimate goal of enlightenment, what Guru Yoga practice is and how to practice. You will learn about both Sutra and Tantra in Buddhism about the merging of Bliss and Emptiness, and some misconceptions around what “Guru” maybe!. You will learn about the heart of the path of transformation, and why it is the fastest way to remove obstacles, to develop realizations and to understand our true and innate nature of bliss and joy.


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